Last updated: April 18th 2014

When you first sign into you will be viewing the Monsters page, this is where you will decide on your team for battle, view stats about your monsters, and sell any monsters you don't want.

Team Panel

Team Panel: This panel is your equipped monsters which you will take into battle. You can take a maximum of six monsters into a battle.

The stats of your monsters are as follows:

  • Lvl:The current level of your monster, as you clear dungeons your monsters will gain experience which in turn will raise this level, providing bonuses to your monsters' skills.

  • HP:This is the total health points of your monster. The HP of each of your monsters is added together and this becomes your in battle HP.

  • ATK: This is the Attack level of your monster, the higher this is the more damage your monster will do when you match their color in battle (See "Attacking and Healing").

  • RCV: This is the level that dictates how much health you will recover when matching pink pieces.

  • AS: Active Skill is your monster's ability to change certain aspects of a battle, ranging from health or defense boosts, to changing colors of monsters. This skill must be activated by you during the battle by hovering over your monster.

  • PS: Passive Skills are used throughout an entire battle and don't need to be activated.